How Does CBD Oil Work For Arthritis Pain?

How Does CBD Oil Work For Arthritis Pain?

Does CBD oil work for arthritis? Some people swear by it. Others question its safety and say more research is needed. No matter what your thoughts are, you have probably heard that CBD can be used as an effective pain relief for those who suffer from arthritis. So what is CBD and how does it work to relieve pain in arthritis? Let’s see if CBD can be helpful in easing the symptoms of osteoarthritis and other joint inflammation.

First of all, you need to understand why CBD can be helpful in relieving pain in arthritis. According to some research, CBD works by inhibiting the receptors that are responsible for the formation of inflammatory molecules called prostaglandins in the body. Thus, it has the capability to actually help people deal with a wide range of common medical ailments, such as painful symptoms of arthritis. But it is always hard to judge the potency, safety, value, and quality of CBD for arthritis depending on their quality, effectiveness, toxicity, and drug interactions with other medications.

To date, the only clinical trials concerning the effect of CBD on arthritis pain are the ones conducted by pharmaceutical companies. One of these is conducted by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, which aims to “dissolve the relationship between CBD and inflammatory disorders such as arthritis.” The study, funded by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disease, involves nine subjects with various forms of arthritis. One group of subjects received CBD while five others were administered a placebo. The subjects who took CBD reported less joint pain and improvement in mobility, whereas the placebo group showed no significant change.

These clinical trials do not indicate whether CBD is truly effective in reducing symptoms or if it is just a placebo or if it is another fraudulent product being sold. Still, CBD definitely holds tremendous potential as an anti-inflammatory treatment. As we all know, most prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs have some sort of side effects, most notably the ones that can cause liver damage and death. Furthermore, the list of side effects for CBD drugs is not that long. Compare this to the almost instant side effects caused by most conventional anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen, naproxen, and ketoprofen.

To answer this question, we need to first understand how CBD can be used to treat arthritis and in what capacity. As mentioned earlier, CBD is believed to have the ability to suppress inflammation, but this has yet to be proven. However, the fact that it has no known side effects also suggests that it is safe and possibly even beneficial for short-term use. For example, some researchers are now using CBD to treat neuropathic pain, a condition that occurs when the patient’s body does not feel pain due to injury or disease.

Most people choose to use CBD oils and other herbal remedies because they are considered safer than prescription and over-the-counter medications. This is especially true because CBD products do not contain any synthetic chemicals, as most prescription medications do. Another benefit of buying CBD products is that it does not take a long time for the active ingredient in CBD oil, THC, to metabolize into the brain. Therefore, most of the side effects of taking CBD products are not noticed until the recommended dose has been taken.