Key Points in Growing Marijuana

Many people grow marijuana with the goal of saving money on their premium marijuana products like marijuana seeds, but few understand just how difficult growing marijuana can be, and how many things they need to be familiar with before they start planting. The marijuana seedling stage typically takes from one to three weeks, and you only have this small amount of time on your hands to make it perfect! 

-It is important to provide marijuana seedlings with a continuous airy environment with minimal light and high humidity, so even if you plan to grow marijuana indoors, it’s worth investing in a (high-powered) propagator and a little CFL light for an even healthy start. 

-You should also remember that marijuana does not like frost or low humidity conditions, so be sure that your marijuana seedling space is dry as much as possible. Make sure that you do not over water, and keep in mind that you need plenty of sun and air to ensure that your marijuana has a good chance of thriving.

Once your marijuana seedlings are fully established, you can now transplant the plant into your garden space. Remember to provide the plant with enough light, heat, and moisture to continue to grow properly, and if you are growing outdoor marijuana, it’s wise to provide it with some natural shade during the day. Just be careful not to over water, as the plant will need it to grow properly. Most of the time, once a week or so should be sufficient to give your marijuana enough humidity for it to thrive.

If you have a good cannabis growing supplies, you can easily harvest your crop with relative ease. The process is actually quite simple: 

-after the marijuana plant begins to grow, you simply remove it from the soil and hang it to dry up.

-You can then cut away any stems and then hang the buds up for the last few days before hanging them back in your garden. 

-Make sure that you choose carefully where to plant your marijuana, and try not to place it in areas where it can become exposed to too much wind or direct sunlight to prevent too much evaporation.

-After the last day, you should gently re-seed your marijuana seeds into your garden space. and enjoy the fresh buds from each individual plant.

Marijuana seedling stage is a good thing to have to know when you’re looking to buy your own marijuana plants or even grow it yourself. This is because the earlier you harvest the bigger and higher the chance of you getting good profits. It will also be the easiest time for you to monitor the growth as well and prevent cannabis plant problems. It is not difficult to distinguish the different marijuana seedling stages with the help of the pictures of the plants as well as the description given about them by their breeder.