Why Cannabis Should be Legal

The reason why cannabis should be illegal is that the plant has been abused and now there are many different ways in which it is being used. People who are using it recreationally and those people who do not understand how addictive and dangerous it is are putting themselves at risk of having mental or physical problems. There are even many people who are addicted to it but don’t know it because they are not having the problems that they think they have.

People are beginning to realize that this drug can have serious health problems and some of them include brain damage and addiction. However, many people say that this drug is a natural product and that it does not cause any problems. They also argue that it should be legalized because it has been around for centuries and many other countries have legalized it. Many say that this substance should never be legalized at all.

The reason why cannabis should be illegal is that it is considered to be illegal in many places. There are many places where this drug can be found. These include, in Canada, in the United States, and many countries around the world. Most places where cannabis is illegal to include places like England, Germany, and Holland. Other places that this substance can be found include in many countries in Europe and many of the Caribbean islands.

The main reason why cannabis should be illegal is that many people have started to make money from it. Many people will use it recreationally and they will do it regularly. To make money from this substance you need to get people addicted to it. Once you have them hooked on it, you will then be able to sell it legally and get some profit off of it.

Many of the reasons people become addicted to this substance are because they have poor mental health. This is why it is so difficult for them to quit. In many cases, people use the substance because they feel they are depressed, and in a lot of cases, people who are addicted to cannabis feel that they are not being accepted by society. This is why they turn to drugs and alcohol instead.

If you are looking for ways on how to stop using this substance recreationally you need to try and see a doctor and talk about this. This will help you make a good decision on whether or not you should continue. and if you do continue you need to make sure that you are doing it legally and in a controlled environment.